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Using participant data to extend the evidence base for Intensive Behavioral Intervention for children with autism.
Eldevik, S., Hastings, R.P., Hughes, J.C., Jahr, E., Eikeseth, S., & Cross, S. (2010). American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 115, 381-405.

Individual data from children (n=453) were divided into three groups: those that had received behavioral intervention, those that had received another intervention of similar intensity or to a control group where no specific intervention was provided. The outcomes for the behavioral intervention group were significantly better than those for the control and comparison groups and were even demonstrated to compare well with statistics used to evaluate mainstream healthcare interventions. We found that intensity of intervention (35 or more hours per week of EIBI) was related to both IQ and ABC gains, and that IQ and ABC scores at intake were related to gains in ABC scores.

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